How to take care of your sanding stained floors

Extra care is needed when sanding stained floors to ensure that the process doesn’t break through the complete layer of stain. In this instance, the floor would require a patch-repair before the lacquer is applied.

If the floor is badly worn in some places, it may be necessary to sand the flooring back to its unfinished surface before recoating all over. Unlike oil, lacquer doesn’t penetrate the wood’s surface, instead it sticks to it. Therefore, the entire floor must be covered to prevent the formation of ridges and overlap marks. For best results, use a roller. A single coat of lacquer will be enough to protect against moisture, though several coats should be applied if the floor faces lots of foot traffic.

If you are lacquering unfinished timber, you will need to cover it with three coats. Between each coat, the floor must be sanded, vacuumed and wiped thoroughly with a damp cloth. Lacquer takes one to two hours to dry between applications. After the final coat, leave the floor for 24 hours before stepping onto it. Curing will continue for a week, after which rugs can be placed on
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