product-solid-wood-york-white-washed-room1Whilst technology has developed engineered and laminate flooring resemble solid hardwood floors, lots of individuals still prefer the heat, durability and natural beauty of solid wood flooring for their home or workplace.

How is Solid Wood Flooring made?

As its name implies, solid wood flooring is real wood which comes right from the tree. Unlike engineered wood flooring, which is constructed in layers, solid hardwood floors is the same piece of wood from top to base. The boards fit into each other with a tongue and groove system. Exactly like engineered wood flooring, solid sood flooring is offered in different grades (Select, Natural and Rustic) and many distinct finishes and colours to match any taste and necessity.

Advantages of Solid Wood Flooring

The nature of solid hardwood floors means it is suitable for regions of very large traffic. As it’s generally thicker than engineered wood floors, it can be re-sanded more times in its lifetime. Engineered floors, however, does not have a complete top layer with all the necessary depth for repeat sanding. Technically solid wood can be sanded down right down to the groove and tongue. Most solid wood floors has a different look mainly because the planks are often random lengths, shorter pieces of wood rather than as wide as most engineered floors.

However solid hardwood floors is not suitable for every environment. It is particularly sensitive to high and low temperatures, and cannot be utilized over under-floor heating or in moist places such as basements and bathrooms. The setup of solid hardwood floors is more involved; it develops and contracts according to the surroundings, which means certain rules will need to be followed after installation. Speak to our experts for advice and always only make use of a professional flooring fitter to install your flooring. Nevertheless, when it’s used in the right space and given the attention it needs, solid hardwood floors adds character and elegance that can’t be matched. It’s a solid investment for your home; it will endure for a lifetime, get better with age and will also increase the value of your property.

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